The network of sustainable... and responsible vending managers Services with certified impact level Mains water Cold beverages on tap Resources, not waste Reduce environmental impact Quality products and beverages... with the brand 10+sano

The network of sustainable... vending managers Services and solutions... with certified impact level Mains water Cold beverages on tap Resources, not waste Reduce environmental impact Quality products... with the brand 10+sano

Who We Are

A network of professional and selected managers able to adequately cover the market and respond to the market potential. We have a dedicated and professional approach that makes sales services sustainable and environmentally friendly. A strategic vision of the market that allows us to define offers and business policies aligned with the needs of all our customers.

The market for food consumption outside the home is constantly increasing, proving that it is able to withstand the widespread consumer crisis that has affected many other sectors of our economy. It is a complex and articulated market, characterized by a very high and differentiated number of operators, mainly independent.


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